Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hope for New Mothers of "Psycho" Babies

As I was telling Presvytera today, my babies seemed psycho before 3 months, and then un-psycho afterwards. Don't know if was the Dr. Brown bottles or the neurons connecting in the brain, but God knew I needed a break by 3 months and granted precious relief. Truly, a huge if untangible Gift!

What about you other mothers? Is 3 months the magic number?

God, grant all of us mothers to not go crazy ourselves, but to have the ability to raise these kids to see the Unseen, the Heavenly Kingdom and seek it. Yikes - grant us to model that journey!


  1. I am think you are right that at about three months both of my babies became more self-sufficient.
    My son really got the hang of nursing around two and a half months; so that helped. My daughter started sleeping a little bit more at that age as well (she was a great nurser from the start).
    But, for me, one year old is the golden age. Both of kids started sleeping 12-13 hours at night and taking 3-4 hour naps during the day. My little lady was a terrible sleeper until she turned one. Now she stays asleep all night and, even when she wakes up, will play in her crib for a while until I go in to get her.
    But then things seemed to go downhill again around 18 months when my little man hit the "terrible twos". I guess now he is in the "tyrannical threes". Is there hope of an easier time after 3? :)

  2. Three months is about how long colic lasts, on average.

  3. My blessed number was 7 months! Oh yes, we had colic like crazy, and it took ages for the screaming nursing sessions to stop, naps to be longer than 45 minutes, and nighttime sleep to number longer than an hour or two. But it did work out with time. The phrase "this too shall pass" is forever ingrained in my conscious.

  4. With our first, it was 18 months. After him, the next two were like angels. I think they were fine from birth. :-)

  5. With our first, it was three months, but with our second, he kind of "woke" up at three months and became more like a normal newborn. I think that it was because he was so premature... when we brought him home, all he did was sleep and eat for those three months. I joke that I have the easiest transition from being a mother of one to a mother two b/c of that!

  6. Three months was the golden age for both my children. I also think that's about how long it took me to get in the swing of things each time.