Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gifts from God

* laying with Little Builder on the couch as he slowly wakes up from his car nap home from church today.

* coming up on 10 years with my husband and thankful for his companionship.

* 70 degree weather - perfect for tilling our veggie patch before it turns cold again. The sugar snap peas will go in the ground soon.

* a weekend with my son's Kindergarten "Traveling Mascot", who played Lincoln Logs with us and went to church with us.
I'm thankful for the creative ways his teacher finds to excite the kids about travel, history, science, and social graces.

* a myriad of parent volunteers who will help me host competitors from 10 schools on our campus this weekend for a big Debate Tournament; and my parents who will come up and help watch the kids.

* fellowship with friends from church - great stories, encouragement, laughs, and lasagna around a great big dining table.

* Saints whose lives inspire me and my kids (Read about St. Theodore the General if you didn't hear it after Vespers last Saturday night.)

* a circle of moms online - I'm feeling thankful for you tonight.

Praise be to God for every good thing.


  1. What a wonderful post! It was a good remindre to thank God for everything we have in our life!

  2. Thanks for the reflection. Best of luck to all at the speech tournament. I enjoy judging debate and other events tremendously, having done them myself in middle school!

  3. I agree with Presbytera, what a lovely post!

  4. I love this post! I wish I would rememeber to blog about the things I am thankful for.