Thursday, December 3, 2009

Preparing for St. Nicholas Day

On Sunday we will have a St. Nicholas Day Creative Arts Festival.
This boat was Little Builder's entry last year. He wanted something he could hammer.

This year's theme comes from the troparion:

Because of your humble life heaven was open to you,
Because of your poverty spiritual riches were granted to you.

Little Builder has been enjoying his hand-me-down digital camera, and wanted to use it for his festival project. He took all the pictures except the one I took of him offering to share his train track.

If you were thinking that sharing a train track isn't all that special, you missed the screams and fights at our house between the kids over the train tracks.

Offering them up willingly is the type of other-centered, selfless giving that can only be spiritual riches.


  1. That is a really nice idea. I wanted to do more for St. Nicholas Day with our kids, but we were in NY with family who has a hard time with Saints. A few days before St Nicholas Day, my dad, sister and I got into a heated conversation regarding respecting vs generating people. It was really upsetting for me. There are some feast days when I just want to be home. Or maybe it is ALL of them.