Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nativity Fast Menu

Here is a Weekly Guide that lends itself to variation.


1. At the beginning of each week, make a big batch of salad that keeps well for easy lunches. Kale salads (savory or sweet) and cabbage salads (Mexican Coleslaw, Oriental) keep well. 

2. Also make a big batch of soup (save the pasta and rice to add by the day, if your soup has those ingredients).

3. Try to make double ingredients on one day that you'll use some of tomorrow. (Quinoa casserole one night and Quinoa Pizza Balls for lunch the next day; or rice with stew one night with leftovers as stir fry later in the week)

Lunch - Baked Fish & veggies (tahini sauce or garlic lemon or OJ soy ginger)
Supper - Pizza (veggies and Daiya shreds; or baked with olive oil then add hummus, tomato, cucumber; or cashew "cheese" topped with roasted veggies)

Breakfast - Baked Oatmeal
Lunch - Soup and/or Salad (Lentil, Fasolada, Kale and White Bean)
Supper - Mexican (Wet Burritos, Butternut & Black Bean Enchiladas, Fiesta Quinoa Casserole, Beans and Rice) 

Breakfast - Toast
Lunch - Soup and/or Salad
Supper - Nuts or Beans (Thai Tofu and Broccoli w/ Peanut Sauce;  Kenyan Greens and Peanut Sauce; Tofu Spinach Pies, Not-Meat Loaf, Patties or Balls (Quinoa Pizza Balls, Tuna Potato, Sushi Rice & Veggie, Chickpea Fritters, delicious Chickpea "Meat"balls, Falafel Burgers)

Breakfast - Muffins
Lunch - Loaf/Patties/Balls or Soup Leftovers (have you tried Alton Brown's Winter Vegetable Soup? It's delicious!)
Supper - Shrimp (Creole with Rice, Garlic & Lemon with Pasta, Stir-Fry)

Breakfast - Oatmeal or Maltomeal
Lunch - PBJ or Mexican (Tostadas or Burritos with refried beans, caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, corn)
Supper - Canned Fish (Salmon Potato Patties & fried cabbage; Tuna Noodle Casserole)

Breakfast - Toast or Pancakes
Lunch - M'Jeddrah (make extra caramelized onions on Thursday and use them today); veggies
Supper - Italian (Tomato Soup and Grilled "Cheese"; Pasta and Sauce; Caponata; Eggplant)

Breakfast - Potatoes Plus (Breakfast Burritos, hash browns and scrambled tofu)
Lunch - Leftovers or Freezer-to-Oven (Fish Sticks, Shrimp Poppers, Dollar Tree Spring Rolls, Boca Burgers, Waffles)
Supper - Crockpot Stew for after Vespers (Meatless Stew over Rice; Mushroom Stew w/ Potatoes)

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