Monday, May 26, 2008

Gifts from God

While at the tournament, I went into a Walgreens to pick up a disposable camera. As I walked past the baby aisle, I teared up. In Walgreens. Over sippie cups! I usually enjoy debate tournaments, but this one was very hard emotionally, being away from my family. Better get to giving thanks, to get my spirits back on the right track.

#41 - After a tough weekend away from family, finally getting to wrap my arms around my kiddos and press them tightly to me.

#42 - First fruits of the garden! I'll show pics tomorrow. Don't know if the bees finally found the veggie patch, or if my cue-tip pollination did the trick, but two zuccinis are definitly growing past those yellow blossoms!

#43 - After three frustrating years of gardens-going-nowhere, getting the advice to move to a sunnier spot.

I feel a song coming... I get knocked down, but I get up again, ain't nothing gonna keep me down.

There was a funny version of this song on Youtube with a British Air Squadron lip-synching, but I couldn't get that one to load.

Anyway, it makes me laugh, in that I'd-rather-laugh-than-cry kind of way. The same way the Irish Drinking Songs mix cd did in those zombie no-sleep first months after our daughter was born. Picture the living room: baby in my arms crying endlessly, detested breast-feeding nipple shield dropped behind the couch cushion somewhere, preschooler going crazy in the corner, and my husband and I laughing to quit crying, as we listen to Flogging Molly singing...

It's been the worst day since yesterday...

I know St. Paul talks about getting knocked down and not quitting, and the proverbs discuss the value of a smiling face, but I really can't attach a verse of scripture to my secular silliness tonight(smile).

Much love to all and glad to be back!


  1. Welcome back! Hope you had a great time, I'm sure it feels incredible to hold those little angels again!