Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meat Meals from Pascha Leftovers

Sylvia asked for more Leftover ideas, and here were ours for this week:

Sunday - talk about slaughtering the fatted calf - the grillers at our Agape vespers picnic grilled an entire whole pig! ... in addition to kefta, lamb kabobs, sausages, and burgers. Since my husband is in school and no other college students were there, we were generously sent home with marvelous amounts of meat.

Monday - cheese burgers and potato salad made with Pascha eggs

Tuesday - pork simmered in barbecue sauce, served on buns

Wednesday - pork Mexican Chowder

Thursday - cold grilled diced sausage, egg, cheese and lettuce salad

I'm putting the ham bone in a pot with some split peas tonight. The rest of the pork went in the freezer: one bag for stir fried lo-mein one meal and one for gumbo next week (with left-over sausage).

The absolute very best Pascha leftovers: the hymns still humming in my mind!

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