Monday, September 1, 2008

Gifts from God: Flowers

Surprise Spider-lilies (my mom & gramdmother call them "naked ladies") standing tall in the flower bed; I had forgotten that I sprinkled those bulbs around the edge of the bed last spring.

Neglected Althea, posing in front of a tree in the back of the house one evening.

Crepe Mrytle, providing a much appreciated splash of color all around town against the brown, yellow, and muted green colors of August heat.

When we moved here, I cleared out this front bed and started new with lilies and irises, but I am so thankful that these little Butterfly Wings dogmatically dug in their roots. Every summer they spread and spring up in new places. The 3 purple leaves make me think of the Trinity and of the Vesperal "The Lord is King, he is clothed in glorious apperal."

Having known and loved the Maker, he was touched at heart by the things He had made.

"There is something mystical in this magnificent creation," Fr. Seraphim Rose once wrote. "Being the good creation of the All-good God, it can raise our minds to Him"

(from Heiromonk Damascene's biography, Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works)

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