Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Education via Public School: Math Fun

At first I was a little miffed that my kindergartner had homework every night. However, it is usually fun to do together, and like I said before, I am grateful for the structured opportunity to be a part of my child's education.

So, we start with his math book,

and find some leaves to sort

into a chart. Note: we named the groups according to Little Builder's imagination.

To complete the activity, Little Builder dictates some sentences for me to write in his math journal about what we did, then he draws a picture to go with them.


  1. I'm really learning that my youngest needs us to be with him while he does his homework. It is a good reminder to spend time being close and getting some puttering done.

  2. Sounds pretty good! I like that they ask you (the parents) to get involved and help your child on their learning experience!

  3. Precisely why I homeschool. Sounds very charming, but I'd rather be charming in the a.m. instead of the p.m. The leaves activity looks nice, too. I'm glad you are having fun with Little Builder.