Monday, October 13, 2008

Gifts from God: October

* a day off of school - Columbus Day - to spend at home with my family

* a stroll around the pumpkin patch

* sweet applesauce cupcakes, to eat after shcool as a treat

* mad scientist in the kitchen, laughing while doing his school project

* the picture my mad scientist colored of us doing his science project... don't you love my long pink and red hair?

* cool enough weather that makes it pleasant to be outdoors

* a visit from a beloved Bishop

* waking up and seeing the clock shine 6:45am instead of 5:00am... crossing myself and thanking God that the baby has slept in!

Thank you, Oh Lord, for every good thing.


  1. Is that your walk lined with pumpkins?! I love it! What a great idea:)

  2. Emma,

    Oh, no! That was the local Gift Shop that sponsors a "Pumpkin Patch" to raise money for a Domestic Abuse Shelter every October.

    Our house has exactly 4 pumkins. And no brick walk-way, though it does look lovely, doesn't it?

  3. I love the pumpkins, and especially the mad scientist! How fun!