Thursday, October 2, 2008

Saints Alive: Orthodox Children's Website

Little Builder likes this site, and the "easy" games ("medium" and "hard" options beckon older kids) fit very well with the letters he's learning in Kindergarten.

from the home page:
Saints alive! is a project of the Department of Internet Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. For more information about this project click here.

What games will you find? Aunt Ellie will lead your little one through the following:

Nick's Word Finder
Icon Painting at Father Andrew's Studio
Jigsaw Puzzles at Rachel's Puzzle Place
Dean's Mystery Icon Studio
Pacman-Letter Eating at Tina's Wordman Game
Matching in Maria's Memory Game
Chris' Crossword Puzzles

Aunt Ellie, if you click on her with the cursor, says "ow, don't hurt me." I don't know about your kids, but this made my son giggle and want to click on her again. It's a funny thing the programers added. After making LB stop clicking on her, I must admit, I was tempted to click her too (later once he was in bed).

Overall, it is nice to have an Orthodox web site for games, a refreshing alternative to Bob-the-Builder and Barney.

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