Sunday, October 5, 2008

Venison without a Gamey Flavor

After dinner last night, my husband offered:

You need to put that recipe on your blog!

Smile. Okay.

We are very blessed to get free, antibiotic-free meat from my dad, an avid deer hunter. Some recipes leave us with a strange "wild" aftertaste, but this one from Rachel Ray's magazine is a huge hit at our house.

I didn't have lemons or mint on hand, so I just omit them. Also, I use 1/8 tsp of cumin, because my hubby doesn't love it, and increase the cinnamon to 1/4 tsp. I know the ingredient combination sounds strange, but when you eat them, you really don't taste any one flavor - just a yummy meatball. And, the last time I made them, I used breadcrumbs instead of bread. Do you what you need to - that's my motto for any recipe!

Meatball tip: always pull out and thaw double the meat you'll need. Make half the meatballs for tonight and freeze the other half for an easy meal in the future.

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  1. Sounds so good! The last time we had deer meat, I didn't eat it, just couldn't get beyond the fact that it was once a sweet animal. Yesterday, Rob went to a gun show, so I asked him if he's planning on going deer hunting again this year. I will eat it, because I know it's so much better for you than the pork, beef or chicken in the stores!