Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Child's Name's Day

Little Builder - who is 5 and in public school kindergarten - has a Name's Day coming up. Last year, when it was on a weekend, we invited little church friends.

However, we live 75 miles away from church, so it's not practical for them to drive over after school on a week night.

We'll have cake and sing the saint's troparian, but I'm wondering...

Do any of you have other ideas about how we could celebrate?


  1. Maybe send cupcakes in on his namesday and have a small party after church on Sunday?

    Happy name's day to him!

  2. My child is still in the womb, but one year for my husband's name day we uploaded the image of his patron, St. Isaac of Dalmatia, to walgreen's online photo thingy. Then ordered a bunch of prints. We had large file labels that we printed at home with his troparia. We put these on the back of the print icon. We passed these out at church the Sunday before his feast day.

  3. BTW, just started a blog


  4. If possible color an icon of his patron saint. Sometimes when we don't have the saint we need I trace the main parts of the icon on typing paper and let them color. When they're finished coloring we tape it to a piece of cardboard. Then you can collect flowers, leaves, etc and make a wreath for it.

    I like to make or buy something little to give to his guests (which are few) when they come over for cake. I always have a special cupcake for him with a little (religious) gift.

    It's always nice to sing the troparia too. Email me his saint's name, maybe I have a coloring page I could send you.