Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Theophany Trivia

When the priest says - Christ is born!
We say - Glorify Him!

When the priest says - Christ is risen!
We say - Indeed He is Risen!

When the priest says - Christ is baptized!
What do we say?

Look under the gingerbread for the answer:

Why, what else but "in the Jordan!" That was a fun surprise last night at the Theophany service, which, by the way is so full & deep. So much stuff in there that it will take years to absorb.


  1. Our priest said "Blessings of the feast". A couple of us looked at one of the yia-yias she shrugged her shoulders. It was my first Theophany so I had no clue. I don't think anyone knew what the response was.

  2. When the priest said, at the end of the service and in a gusto voice, "Christ is baptized!"; we all just looked at each other. He smiled and clued us in, after which we thought - duh!

  3. "In the Jordan" but my priest doesn't say it, but I've heard others who do.

    Happy Afterfeast!

  4. Happy Feast! I had never hear that before. It is good to learn something new.