Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gifts from God

A day off school to spend outside with my children.

Yellow flowers to brighten my yard and my desk.

A nice metaphor for Lent - a promise of new life springing out of winter ground.

Buttercups, more fruit of my grandparents planting labors. Bulb by bulb they built a beautiful retirement place.

Grape hyacinth peeking through the leaves. Lord, help me to stop and see the beauty in all the busyness of my days - especially the days I don't have off from work.

Thank you, Lord, for the idea to start listing my gifts.


  1. lovely photos of even more lovely flowers!

    you have daffodils already?


    it just snowed here again today. ah well. and so it goes...

  2. Monica, the pictures are lovely! And I love the metaphor for Lent!
    May God strengthen us all on this journey!

  3. Beautiful, especially the first photo!

    Another name for Daffodils is Lent Lilies, I LOVE that.

  4. The pictures are just beautifu!!! I can't wait for the weather to get nicer here so we can go outside to play too!

  5. While cleaning up the leaves in the yard, I noticed that the bulbs are coming up here, too. Just a tiny bit though, no blooms for a while I'm sure.

  6. We're still 'doing' the winter snow thing here. Snow is called for tomorrow evening and Sunday....How I wish we have daffs poking up from the ground.

    Oh well, maybe in a couple more weeks...