Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moving Words in the Liturgy Today

"This is the Apostolic faith, this is the Orthodox faith, this is the faith of the Fathers, this is the faith that is the foundation of the world."

Too bad I didn't have a camera for the procession. Next year.

I pray you are all having a blessed Lenten season. I am truly grateful for this time of reflection and preparation: a Gift from God.

Other Gifts:
* slight weight of toddler's arm resting over my shoulder in one of those rare moments when she'll give in to me snuggling her and holding her.

* cabbage, onions, carrots, chard, and sugar snap peas in the ground.

* fox gloves in the ground for the Theotokos.

This picture isn't my garden design, but just an illustration of a Mary Garden, which I think is a lovely concept.


  1. Those words always bring tears to my eyes!

  2. I love Mary gardens (not that I have one, but still)

    And, yes, that sweet toddler arm weight. Sigh.

  3. There was an Orthodox blog that I loved. I had just fallen in love with it, and then I went offline. When I came back, it was gone. I think the same lovely lady is blogging again! Have you seen this blog? Evlogia