Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayer Request & Gifts from God

I'm taking 26 students to the Debate Championships this weekend. May all stay safe, healthy, and make wise choices.

* What a beautiful gift from God we all receive today, The Annuciation:
Today is the beginning of our salvation!

* Dinner with our Priest and Presvytera, a blessed time of fellowship.

* An appreciative email from a parent of a debater who has not always agreed with me in the past. A huge blessing to my teacher soul.

* A husband who actively and intentionally works at "dwelling with your wife in understanding"

* Wide, chubby-cheeked smiles to go along with the new words our toddler is offering.

* Returning health.

Thank you, God, for every good thing you have given us this past day.


  1. Happy Feast Day, enjoy your lovely dinner and travel safely!

  2. Lord have mercy! Thank you God for all our blessings.