Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gifts from God - Bright Week

* 2 year old shouting "Chwist Risen!"

* On Bright Monday, rose petals and bay leaves adorning the floor of our church nave, evidence of a glorious feast.

* favorite Bright Week treats, like Chicken-n-Dumplings, Cheese Enchiladas, and Breakfast Sausage.

* after finally committing to homeschooling next year, finding great ideas from Katherine.

* another mom and I, dumping a huge bag on the kitchen floor of new-to-us shoes from a friend at church, then trying them on like little kids trying out new toys.

* swiss chard, radishes, cabbages, carrots, peas, and Mary's Gold growing in the garden.

* Little Builder curled up in my lap on the couch as we listen to the morning matins psalms.

* The hymn, The Angel Cried rejoicing through the car.

I took this lovely photo from Mary's facebook album - thanks!


  1. Moni - I have a great "tracing" font to easily make practice sheets for handwriting. Let me know if you'd like it.

  2. Christ is Risen!

    Great memories all

  3. You get to homeschool? I'm so excited for you! We'll be officially starting next year, too.

  4. Christ is Risen! I think it is so cute when little kids say it!

  5. Christ is Risen!

    What a great list!