Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gifts from God

* Reading in bed with my children at night before bed.

* Boxes of photographs of my grandparents, the better to remember them before sickness and weakness came. Old school-teacher photos, dapper suits, newspaper articles, perfectly curled vintage hair, smiles around the table as we perused the past.

* 4 other English teachers giving me ideas of how to make reading and writing more doable for my sophomores.

* pre-written prayers that sometimes say an idea better than I could, and often say an idea I hadn't realized I needed to think.

That last part is the challenge for me during worship: with a clear mind!


  1. Is that your church? That's really neat. I don't ever think I've seen the prayer so carefully posted at the doors like that. (:

  2. I like the way the prayer is posted, too. That is such a good idea. Our parish is mostly converts, so we need all the help we can get :)

  3. I like this prayer in front of the church.