Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In which the baby started speaking like a big girl...

My five year old is starting to say the correct words more often, words that make me realize I'll miss the old phrases. So here are a few, saved in a place for me to remember. Many of these terms have become new whole-family vocabulary.

Hand Sanitizer - Hanitizer
Presvytera Maria - Tezaria, Tezmaria, Prezatezmaria
Back Yardigans - Backward Guardians
Unpack - Repack ("RE" is the preferred prefix for many words)
Terri - Tehwee
Mrs. Maria - Mizariah
Chicken and Dumplings - Chiklin-dumplins

Many years to my five year old girl!


  1. Many years! I love five :) What a fun age!

  2. Here's one from my own daughter: "In as much as He is good and loves bedtime..."