Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent in Pictures: Lenten Calendar

After being inspired by Matushka Emma and Illumination Learning, I headed to the Dollar Tree to pick up a board and some stickers to make our own Lenten Calendar that could incorporate what I loved about both ideas.

From Matushka Emma, I liked the idea of the butterfly (because we too are being transformed into something beautiful!), the colors, and the dots for each day. Since I was using a butterfly clip instead of a magnet, I had to put the days around the border of the poster.

From Illumination Learning, I liked the calendar that showed what we would be doing each day of the week. Little man, 5, is especially concerned with this, "Will we kiss the priest's hand or the cross at the end of this service? Are we having communion? Are we eating afterwards?" So I put all of that onto a calendar for him and he feels very proud being able to look for himself and know ahead of time!

The children did the coloring and the gluing. Each Sunday has a small icon glued next to it to show the focus of each Sunday of Great Lent.
Here's Little Man moving the butterfly to the 3rd day of Great Lent.

I bet you could take my file and make an even better poster with your family, so here it is.

Click here to download Our Lenten Spring poster file.

All of the information about the Sundays of Great Lent came from the OCA website.

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