Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lessons from Rogue One: Part 2, Dying for Others

We are still reflecting on the "being willing to die for others" theme, but expanding it to find a way for all of us to participate, every day. Our lives may not be as dramatic as a climb to the top of the communications tower to send the secret information before the entire thing explodes. Jen and Cassian did a great job of that, but many of us are not called into those physical circumstances.

Some of us are - I am thinking of our brothers and sisters under persecution that do have to make extreme physical sacrifices as they flee their homes or offer their very lives.

But that is not my cross, not right now anyway. Does this mean I cannot participate in the greatest love?

Dying for others does not have to mean physical death.  If we live in a family, we don't have to look very far to find opportunities to participate.

Life offers a hundred moments a day to die to oneself. Especially during Lent, may our eyes be opened to seeing and embracing this! Here are a few scenarios that may or may nor be from our home:

  • Praying the prayer of Saint Ephraim, with the twelve "God be gracious to me a sinner" bows between it, two family members disagree on how many bows have been done. Instead of arguing about it, one might humbly let it go and say nothing!

  • With a light rain pattering outside and darkness already fallen, teenage son could grumble when reminded about taking out the trash, or (as he did - thanks be to God!) he could say nothing and humbly do his chore.

  • When the children are all being naughty, each in their own special way that somehow seems to exponentially increase the propensity for naughtiness in the others, the mother can not yell, but instead close her eyes and say the Jesus prayer before proceeding.

Do you see the pattern? Every example involves being humble and restraining the tongue.

The Scripture could very well be demonstrated as, Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his TONGUE with his family!

These are only a few examples, and I'm sure you can think of many more.  Perhaps you will share in the comments below, so we can smile together. 

May God help us die to our own desires and making room for the life of our Lord Jesus Christ to manifest in us.

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