Friday, November 21, 2008

Pray for Me

I've done something very ridiculous. I've taken 16 high school debaters to Chicago for a huge tournament.


  1. Okay...that is like totally insane.

    But hey, win a trophy and put the picture on the blog! Woot!

  2. Prayers!

    and, you've done a great thing, not ridiculous!

  3. You are in our prayers. Bundle up - it is cold here in Chicago. I hope you have a nice time.

  4. It's not ridiculous. You have probably given some of these students a life experience that they would never have gotten any other way. I will pray for you and your students that you will have a successful, safe and learning trip.

  5. Oh boy.

    It's not just you chaperoning, I hope. That's a lot of work for one person!

    Good luck to you!

  6. Hahaha. Just a couple of years ago, I was that high schooler on debate trips to Princeton University, etc... Good times. Best of luck to you - they will have a great time, and you might earn some gray hairs. It will all be okay, though. My prayers are with you.

  7. Oh, thank you everyone for being so encouraging. Today has gone mouch better, and I'm sure your prayers are part of that.

    Thanks for the offer, Brigid, so kind of you! We have one of my student's brother - a native of Chicago - helping us get around.

    Well, Philippa, I don't think we'll be getting any trophies, but I'll post one if we do :)

    If you're in that big Greek Orthodox Church on Lake Ave. tomorrow and see a stranger, a short, "roundish" woman with long dark hair (and yes, a few more grays from this trip), who pops in late and leaves early because she snuck away from the tournament, it might have been me!

  8. Well, I hope all went smoothly and the teens appreciated the experience and your involvement.

    By the way - treat yourself. You've earned it. Come to my blog. I'm doing a giveaway.

  9. Will definitely pray for you! :) You're a brave soul!

    Just wanted to tell you to stop by my blog and vote for what you want to swap! I'll be partnering everyone up tomorrow! Hope all is well!