Sunday, December 14, 2008

St. Herman's Feastday

Well, we were going to have a little gatthering of 14 people in honor of St. Herman's Feast Day on Dec. 13.

We were going to read a book about St. Herman, then chant his troparian and process around the house with his icon and candles.

We were going to feast on Alaskan Salmon Patties, Pea Pie, and Sweet Pretzels (which St. Herman made for the orhpans on his Island).

But many of our group became sick, and one by one called, the phone ringing with news that none of the kids could make it. So we put our lonesome, crestfallen, sick kid to bed and ate salmon patties.

We had gotten the idea from reading Father Seraphim Rose's Life and Works. The brothers at St. Herman's Hermatige celebrate with this little feast each year, in honor of their patron saint.

We wanted to set before us a model of a life dedicated to God - and an "American" saint at that! We also wanted to remember to love the poor and needy around us like St. Herman did.

The night ended up fine, the sick ones ended up mended, and we look forward to celebrating next year. That night, as I lay in bed comforting my sick, wimpering little one, I thought: well, I am living out the concept of caring for the needy children more this way than if I would have been partying!


  1. That is a beautiful idea of how to celebrate the feast of St. Herman. I hope everyone feels better.

  2. what a sad story! i'm so sorry that we were one of the decling because of sick kids. what was wrong with Maximus and is he ok now?

  3. too true. but you know what, I don't think I would have minded eating those salmon patties - they look delicious!

  4. I'm sorry that people were ill (but thankful it wasn't after eating at your place, you know?)

    And, Holy St. Herman, pray to God for us.

  5. I love your last line. This weekend, our little man was sick (pink eye); so we alternated going to church. My husband went for Vespers and I went to Liturgy. We are fortunate that in the Orthodox church there are so many services :)

    I hope that next year's feast day goes well!

  6. LOL

    Our Feast was disrupted by horrible weather. Folks without power, fallen trees, and the like.

    Thankfully, we were unaffected. In fact, I was oblivious to the fact that anything happened until our priest called me to see if we were okay and to let me know that services were canceled.

  7. what a great tradition to start! We will definitely adopt this tradition next year, especially as St.Herman is our churches patron saint.