Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apostles Fast Menu

Here's one more menu, to add to the many good ones already out there, in case you are looking for fasting ideas.

We rotate suppers every other week, but keep breakfast and lunch the same. The google document has many links to recipes, and I'll try to add more as I get them collected.

View Apostles Fast Menu on Google Docs

Here's the Shopping List. It is VERY tailored to our hometown, and I would probably not buy all these things every week. Hopefully the garden will provide most of the produce. However, I can print this off, carry it around the kitchen, strike through the things I already have, and then use it at the store. It covers 2 weeks, with the exception (which is marked in the document) of produce that will be bought fresh for the second week.

And just for fun, here are two of my favorite recipes that I would have put in the menu, except that they are too spicy for my family:

Vegetarian Kung Pao
Green Chile Potato Soup


  1. I find it helpful looking at the various menus posted online as I create our menus. Thank you for sharing yours. I would love to see your squash soup recipe. :)

  2. could you share your chick pea mash sandwich recipe? I bet it's yummy!

  3. I'm not so sure "yummy" :)

    Easy? Yes. Quick? Yes.

    I've put it in another post. Enjoy!