Monday, September 6, 2010

St. Peter the Aleut

Do you have a special way of remembering this teenage saint?

I asked this question last year and got no reply.

Last year in Sunday school, we enjoyed whale-shaped crackers and dried berries in memory of this young Alaskan man. I think that as the month passes, the best I can do this year is ask St. Peter to intercede for my teenage students.


  1. re: asking St. Peter to intercede for your teenage students - that's a fantastic idea.

  2. Absolutely! They will remember this dear saint as he touches their lives in his beautiful interceding way from his place in the Triumphant Church!

  3. Last year my son had to make a diorama at school about Inuit life (complete with a sugar cube igloo, foam kayaks, and toothpick harpoons). I used that oportunity to expand the lesson to include the Aleut and Yupik peoples.

    I printed out an icon of St. Peter the Aleut. We talked about the Russian missionaries to Alaska. We listened to recordings of Aleut hymns while we made the diorama.

    His teacher said that he told her all about it.