Monday, April 14, 2008

Gifts List

#5 - Going from knowing 3 to 12 other Orthodox mums with little kids - in less than one week!

#6 - The encouragment of knowing we're not alone trying to raise our kids in the Faith, though in my town, it feels like it.

#7 - Even though we have to drive out of town to get to an Orthodox Church, I'm very grateful for it and for the loving people there.

#8 - The lantana is coming back up near the road; small shoots of promise where it once looked dead.

#9 - Kisses from the toddler; she has learned not only how to close her mouth and pucker, but has also mastered the sound... and she is so generous with those delicious kisses.

#10 - The anticipation of family coming in from out of town.

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  1. You should join OrthodoXCircle! There are some terrific people on there. It's like the equivalent to an Orthodox myspace. Most of us on my blog met through there, and we truly feel like sisters. I love them dearly. Check it out and let me know if you join! I'm so glad you found us!!