Thursday, April 24, 2008

Learning New Liturgical Skills

Our parish bulletin directions for today after the Vesperal Liturgy:

Light lunch, then the men will die eggs and the ladies will decorate the Tomb

I've never done this before, and it was nice to be a part.

First, the MEN:

What patience required to take them out one by one!

After drying on paper towels, they are polished with olive oil, to lessen the fading in the refridgerator.

Egg Dying Tip of the Day: brown eggs take the color better than white ones!

Meanwhile, the women trimmed the ferns and flowers to decorate the Tomb.

Here's the wooden base before it was decorated:

Getting there...

Some MacGyvering of the cross was required...

Finally, a beautiful finished Epitaphios

Little Builder helped clean up:

Epitaphios decorating tip of the day:
If you're trying to cover a blank spot, aim the end of the stem 4 inches below the blank spot. Then the leaves/flowers will end up in the right place. Took me a while of trying and the advice of an experienced Orthodox gal to learn this one!

Gifts List #51: Getting the day off so I could spend it with my family at Church!


  1. Good MacGuyvering! And, while at first the bottom of the Epitaphios looked like a snake to me, when I looked closer I could see what it was.

    It's beautiful!

  2. From what did you construct the Cross on top? Floral foam or oasis? And the chicken wire - was it black nylon or actually black wire?

  3. The cross was floral foam. I don't remember about the wire, but I can tell you that more recently, we used floral foam on the arch as well.