Monday, April 28, 2008

Pascha Gifts List

Thank you, Lord

#20: A fun time naturally coloring eggs inspired by Martha, using beets, onion skins, blueberries, and saffron to create different colors.

#21: beautiful eggs for home and for our Pascha basket

#22: Little Builder and I learning Christos Anesti (our first Pascha in a Greek parish) using YouTube.

#23: Kulich loaves standing guard on the counter, beautiful to my heart even if I ran out of coffee cans and had to make some short, fat ones.

#24: My mother and sister helping with all those eggs and kulich, shared experiences with ones I love.

#25: Teenagers undeterred by muddy grass, still creating an egg hunt for the little ones...

#26: muscular little legs, setting off in excitement with baskets in tow

#27: Baby born on the Tuesday after Pascha last year, protected by God "from every danger, illness, and grief" despite a multiply-wrapped umbilical chord threatening her neck... now walking with the big kids and finding an egg of her own... we are so grateful she is with us.

#28: Our God-baby, shyly smiling.

#29: Hollow emtpy-tomb cookie recipe from Elizabeth; shared stories and time with my son making them.

#30: Spontaneously singing Christ is Risen in any of the three languages we now know and Little Builder breaking out in a series of multilingual *Christos Anesti!* call-outs, prompting my smiling replies, *Alethos Anesti!*

*Christos Voskresi!* *Al Massiah Kam!* *Christ is Risen!*


  1. Emtpy-tomb cookie recipe? That sounds neat. Would you share it on your blog?

  2. Indeed HE is Risen!

    Ooooh, great photos!

  3. Indeed He is Risen!

    Your kulich looks delicious! I've never made it, but now I am inspired! You must share your recipe! BTW, I like the short, fat ones! :)

    p.s. Angelo loves making empty tomb cookies too! His favorite part is "beating" the pecans. The first year this was dangerous, so I found a silicone rolling pin that does a great job! Much safer too! :)

  4. That is beautiful, Monica. What sweet yet stunning reminders of God's goodness.

  5. How did you do the beautiful red eggs?

  6. The red eggs the men did at church had 2 secrets:
    1)start with brown eggs to get a deeper red
    2)use dye from Greece!

    The "red" eggs I did at home were simmered in a beet brine made from beets, sugar, vinegar, ect. The sugar made a strage coating effect that wiped off if rubbed too hard. Next year I'll try it without sugar.