Saturday, April 19, 2008

Still Counting...

Thank you, Lord, for many gifts!

#11: sticky hands smearing 1-year old birthday cake on naked tummy

#12: half eaten cake, forgotten on the counter... evidence of a celebration of a year of life

#13: double-beared Irises, blooming outside the front porch

#14: rose bushes my grandparents planted

#15: love of grandparents, lifting up little ones

#16: stuffed puppies and doll to comfort little arms, taking a break on the window sill

#17: telling the story of Lazarus to my Little Builder as we make monkey bread for breakfast

#18: peas climbing their wire

#19: prayers whispered in ears while rocking to sleep:

Lord Jesus Christ, who did receive the children who came to You, recieve also the prayers of me Thy Child. Shelter us under the shadow of your wings, that we may fall peacefully asleep. And awaken us in due time, that we may glorify You, for You alone are righteous and merciful. Amen.

Angel Guardian, please keep us from every evil, sickness, and grief.

Help us oh Lord, to be good, obedient, and kind. Thank you for all the good things You've given us this past day. Please help us spend this night in peace and protect us from all harm. Amen.


  1. FYI, you were nominated for an Eastern Christian Blog Award! Best of luck to you in the upcoming voting!

  2. I really like that prayer at the end. Thanks :)

  3. What a beautiful prayer! Thanks for posting this!

  4. The prayers came from one of our Prayer Books... I'll try to find it. Some days - I hate to say this - it is the only prayers we say as a family in addition to meals. But at least we have these nice little prayers that even the 4 year old can remember.

    Sometimes we sing them to a familiar tone.