Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Afternoon Snack

Spent the morning picking blueberries...

... and the afternoon enjoying pie, with a cup of coffee.

My grandparents planted over dozen bushes many years ago and we are blessed to still enjoy the harvest.

However, we weren't completely satisfied with the Blueberry Pie recipe. If you have a good one, please email it to me or post it on your blog and leave a comment so I'll know.


  1. Home-grown fruit is great !

    I'm waiting impatiently for our garden raspberries to ripen :-)

  2. Yummy. I don't have a recipe to pass on, but you could try to make a cobbler next time or something like that. Maybe it will come out a little bit better. I am not much of a baker, though. We usually just either eat blueberries with a little sugar and cream on them or whipped cream. :)

  3. scrumptious! I don't have a better recipe for you, seems like mine always turns out rather runny, but still tastey!

  4. Yum. Blueberries are my favorite!