Friday, June 13, 2008


This Mennonite Cookbook is a great resource for Orthodox moms (and really anyone who is trying to live thoughtfully).

More charity with less waste.
More nutrition with less calories.
More food with less money.

Though it was first published in 1946, the issues it tackles are very real for us today: high grocery bills, global food shortages, and Americans consuming too much and getting less healthy as a result.

The Mennonites asked themselves,

Does what you eat affect who your are spiritually?

Does your belief in God affect your way of living?

Not only is this cookbook, with its focus on consuming less meat and dairy, fast-friendly, but the reflections as the authors seek to answer the above questions are very helpful in our own attempts at intentional living.

This week we've been enjoying More-with-Less's recipe for muffins. I'll post the variation I used to create a venue for our bountiful blueberry harvest.

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