Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Mother's Take on the Environment

Probably 8 or so years ago, we went through a phase in which we were "ready for the rapture" and therefore didn't care if places in our planet were being hurt. It would all be destroyed anyway during the Great Tribulation, a la those "Left Behind" books.

Now, I see 2 reasons to care about the environment:

1) Although the earth may not be our eternal home, it would be nice to be, as Winnie-the-Pooh says, "neighborly" with our co-inhabitants while we're here. Live at peace with those around you, to the extent that it's possible for you...

2)I am a babe of a convert (only 4 years) to the Orthodox Church, but my mind reaches to recall something from Chatechum class about seeing everything God created as having... sacremental qualities? I'd love your help here, if you know more.

So far, here are the ideas from our circle:

- catch rain water with a rain barrel to use for watering

- put gallon containers in the shower to catch water while it heats and during shower... use for watering plants

- compost

- bring your bags to the grocery store (for those of you who sew, Anna has a lovely pattern for bags here)

- another Monica has ideas about why she is a greenie (thanks, Phyllis!)

and now... I turn my thoughts to Father Seraphim Rose for evening reading.

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