Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prayer Corners

From Shelley: It would be lovely if there was a site where there were pictures of people's space, as I was mystified when I first became Orthodox about what to do. Would you consider dedicating a post to that?

Prayer Corners can be very simple or very grand and accomplish their purpose. When we first became Orthodox, I think the idea was just to have a place to help focus your prayer and provide the sensual (visual, olfactory, tactile) experience of encountering God. Now, I also see it as a means and a reminder of bringing our family together to pray. I often look up at the Theotokos or St. Monica and beg for prayers to be a better mother!

Visit these great posts for ideas:

Phillipa has a nice out-of-the-way place to go.

Emma has another unique "prayer space", a Mary Garden!

Visit Sylvia and scroll way down on the right hand side bar to find a picture of their icon corner, with a precious wee kids height space to the left.

You may want to drop by this shrine to the Theotokos.

PhosZoe has a beatiful picture on flickr.

Pelgija offers this cute kids corner on flickr.

I found the jackpot: a whole set of various orthodox moms on Graceful Mothering with pics and comments!

Ireneaus doesn't have a picture here, but does a nice job of explaining what inspired him to do a prayer corner.

Dr. Alexander Roman outlines the Ukranian Tradition, which is very detailed and interesting.

Orthodoxwiki provides a list of various items that might be included.

And from Orthodixie, again no pic, but an awesome description of what goes on around the Prayer Corner.

And if you missed our Prayer Corner the first time around, just click here. My husband is the one who set it up. I love having the place to do family prayers, a way to "kiss Jesus," and the visual reminders of the saints who surround us.

Oh yes, and one more bit about "enviromental" stuff - a different perspective from Sophia. Always want to hear all sides of an issue.

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  1. They are all so beautiful! Thanks for this post!